Danby Agricultural Association

President: Mrs B Griffin

Vice Presidents:

Canon D Adam, Mr C Berry, Miss M J Bowman, Rev A Coates, Mr J Cornish, Mr M Dobson, Mr JA Dowson, Mr J Fletcher, Mr R Goodwill MP, Mr I Halley, Rev Dr M Hazelton, Mr JH Holt, Rev. R Lewis, Mr I Macdonald, Mr C Markham, Mr JW Muir, Dr R Pearce, Mr P Place, Mr M Richardson, Miss L Rhys-Jones, Mr M Shepherd, Mr R Shirley, Sir Peregrine Simon, Mr JW Stangoe, Mr JB Thompson, Mrs M Thompson, Mr R Tyreman, Mrs W Underwood, Mr AJ Williams.


General Secretary:

Mrs Liz Sheard, 28 West Lane, Danby YO21 2LY.
Email: lizsheard@yahoo.com
Telephone: 01287 660416

Assistant Secretary:

Mrs Enid Gissing, 26 Westbourne Road, Whitby YO21 3ND.
Telephone: 01947 604736


Miss Gill Wren, Waites Cottage, Glaisdale.
Email: gill@wren-accounting.co.uk
Telephone: 01947 897758

Trade Stand Secretary:

Mr Graham Lillie, Forest Farm, Castleton YO21 2DZ
Telephone: 01287 660785

Craft Marquee Manager

Mrs Jill Thompson
Email: mail4jillthompson@yahoo.co.uk Mobile: 07816 014111

Hon. Auditor:

Mr A. Buckle

Hon. Veterinary Surgeons:

Clevedale Veterinary Practice

Chairman of the Committee:

Mr Shaun Dowson, Danby.

Vice Chairman:

Mr Graeme Thompson, Moorsholm.

Showfield Manager:

Mr Andrew Maisey, Fryup.

Section Secretaries


Miss Sue Lloyd Greentiles, Middleton Lane Hutton Rudby, TS15 0JT
Telephone: 07817 415645


Mrs Steph Myres Low Thorgill Farm, Rosedale, Pickering York, YO18 8SG
Email: lowthorgill@hotmail.com
Telephone: 01751 417375


Mrs Karen Dowson, Willow Tree Farm, Danby Head, Danby Whitby YO21 2NN
Telephone: 01287 660090


Mrs Wendy Underwood Stang End Farm, Danby Whitby, YO21 2NE
Telephone: 01287 660297


Mrs Jean R Blacklock North End Farm Danby Head, Danby Whitby, YO21 2NH Telephone: 01287 660748
Email: jeanblacklock1@btconnect.com


Mr Graeme Thompson 14 Moor Close, Moorsholm, Saltburn, TS12 3JS Mobile: 07779077183
Email: jgthompson6@gmail.com

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